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1 – Career Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Asiful Islam

Access Education & Migration International Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Ruby Tan

Ace World Education & Migration

Agent Name: Suphattra Ketyaem

Active Migration Training Pty Ltd T/A Active Study Australia

Agent Name: James McNess

AE Global (Australia Education Pty Ltd)

Agent Name: Kamal Lamichhane

AEC Global (Advist education consultant )

Agent Name: Pankaj Sharma

AMET Education Melbourne

Agent Name: Brenton Roberts

APIC Migration & Education Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Nancy Zheng

Asia Pacific Group (The Trustee for ASIA PACIFIC UNIT TRUST)

Agent Name: Vikas Sharma

Atlas Migration Experts

Agent Name: Bisaccia Maurice

Aushine Education Group

Agent Name: Ryan null

Aussie Access Education Services

Agent Name: Diana Milena Monsalve Gomez

Aussie Education Migration & Financial Services

Agent Name: Satyaprakash Shukla

Aussizz Migration & Education Consultants Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Dharmendra Patel

Aussizz Migration and Education Consultants – Sydney (EXCELSIOR MIGRATION AND EDUCATION PTY. LTD.)

Agent Name: Vaibhhav Patel

Australia Migration Partners

Agent Name: Jack Cheng

Australia Wisdom Global Group PTY.LTD

Agent Name: Nancy Su

Australian Education Services (AES)

Agent Name: Hannah Pitavanik

Australian Expert migration Services

Agent Name: Sidrah Fahad

Australian Option Education Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Gustavo Adolfo Castillo

AVA Solution (Australian Visa Application Solution Pty Ltd)

Agent Name: Ling Zhi Ying

Bajwa Immigration Consultants

Agent Name: Jujhar Bajwa

Bansal Education Group

Agent Name: Arun Bansal

Believe & Belong Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Walter Sainea Cadena

Best Partner Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Geraldus Agus Dwi Putra

Blue Studies International

Agent Name: Andrea Palacios Bonilla

Bluesky Immigration and Student Consultancy Services

Agent Name: ShayazKhan


Agent Name: Chuda Mani Silwal

Boomerang International Education Services

Agent Name: Aashish Wagley

Boss Training Academy Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Matticha Phrueksaritanon

BridgeAus Migration Consultancy

Agent Name: Johanna Bertumen Nonato


Agent Name: Michel Lestari

Brilliant Education & Career Services Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Rajendra Baral

Care Immigration & Education Consultants

Agent Name: Saloni Shah

Career Education Consultancy Australia – CECA

Agent Name: Rahul Singh

Choice Intercambio

Agent Name: Hugo Diogo Monteiro Maciel


Agent Name: Rajeev Madaan

Comfort Migration & Training Zone Pty Ltd (CMATZ)

Agent Name: Betty Langat

Connect Australian Education and Visa Services

Agent Name: Devraj Khandel

CT Global Limited T/A Continental Travelers Limited

Agent Name: Deon Swanepoel

CV Naresy Indonesia

Agent Name: Amantyo Naresyworo

Del2Mel Pty Ltd T/A Study Directions

Agent Name: Amit Wadhwa

Destino El Mundo

Agent Name: Yazmin Helena Mesa Andrade

Dynamic Learning Partners Pty Ltd T/A Apply4Study

Agent Name: Puneet Juneja


Agent Name: Anne Liu

Education & Migration Services Australia (EMSA)

Agent Name: Shannon Semenikow

Education Connect Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Golam Mostofa

Education options

Agent Name: Pankaj Dumra

Education Planet Pvt. Ltd

Agent Name: Moha Lal Lamichhane

Eduquest Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Agent Name: Swapnil Sharma

Egali Intercambio Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Nathalia Nunes Mendonca

Elite Education And Visa Services (E2VS)

Agent Name: Ritika Chawla

Elixir Educational Consultancy

Agent Name: Raja Ramesh Reddy

Endeavour Education Consultants

Agent Name: Manan Ruparelia

ENZ Education Consultancy Service

Agent Name: Trizzia Ellaine Singson

Estudien Australia Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Carlos Useche

Excelencia Education Consultancy Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Salman Masood

Expert Education & Visa Services – Melbourne

Agent Name: Basanta Pokharel

Export Education Australia

Agent Name: Serkan Caglar

Fast Track Consultancy Pty Ltd


First One Education

Agent Name: Kevin White

Future Care Consultants Pty Ltd – Melbourne

Agent Name: Sarim Hussain

Gamba Migration

Agent Name: Jorge Eliecer gamba Jaramillo

Genuine Education And Visa Services

Agent Name: Suman Deuja

GLIC Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Agent Name: James Guan

Global Education & Marketing Solutions T/A Migrate Me

Agent Name: Karan

Global Education Management Service Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Naveen Chandra Phani

Global Select Education and Migration Services

Agent Name: Satish Gupta


Agent Name: Simon Costain

Grace International Group Pty Ltd – Australia

Agent Name: Dipak Acharya

Grace International Group Pvt Ltd – Nepal

Agent Name: Andrew Poudel

Grasshopper International

Agent Name: Margarita Maria Velez

Hawks Immigration

Agent Name: Robin Karwal

Herogen Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Victor Herrera Zapata

Hope Career Consultants Pty Ltd T/a HCC Global

Agent Name: Jasdeep Singh Dhindsa

HS Consultants

Agent Name: Harpreet Singh Nayyer

IEMC Global (The Trustee for Nguyen Duong Family Trust)

Agent Name: Nick Duong

Infinite Education and Migration Services

Agent Name: Surender Reddy Thimapuram

Infinite Opportunities Abroad

Agent Name: Gaurav Batra

International Student Educational – Migration Services

Agent Name: Navneet Singh

International Student Exchange Services Pty Ltd.

Agent Name: Don Chen

JLL Migration & Education Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Jing Wu

Kangaroo Global

Agent Name: Tajveed Alam

Kavya Global Network Nepal

Agent Name: Krishna Prasad Aryal

KBA Global Pty Ltd.

Agent Name: SHAMBHU Kadel

KR Education and Migration (KR Education PTY.LTD)

Agent Name: Ruchi Gupta

KTM Consulting Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Santosh Kshetri

Latin Advisor Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Rosario Orejuela

Latinoz Education Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Paulina G Bravo Rivera

Leeds Management Services – F.Z.E

Agent Name: Leeds Management Services - F.Z.E

Let’s Go Study Australia

Agent Name: Costas Pehlivanis


Agent Name: Mike Park

Lynfield Company Pty Ltd T/A Queensland Migration Services

Agent Name: Fengfeng Zhang

Malhotra Migration Solutions

Agent Name: Pawan Malhotra

Masiratna Study Abroad (Masiratna Australia Pty Ltd)

Agent Name: Turki Al Sumit

Mates International Education & Visa Services

Agent Name: Rashmi Shanker

Maximax Education and Migration Services T/A Mates Solution Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Shanker Dharel

Maximus Education and Migration (Maximus Group Pty Ltd)

Agent Name: Iqbal Jahed

MEA Consultancy Pty Ltd.

Agent Name: Michael Wong

Merit Education & Migration Services

Agent Name: Ram Chalise

META Migration Education Translation Australia services

Agent Name: Ciro Di Girolamo

MI Education (Maan International Pty Ltd)

Agent Name: Tasnim Alam

Move and Study

Agent Name: Emanuele Licata

Nepalese Encounters Educational Consultancy

Agent Name: Narayan Prasad Pahari


Agent Name: Bijesh Joshi

New Edge Consultancy Services

Agent Name: Ravinder Reddy Etikala

Nexor Education and Migration Services

Agent Name: Anu Bista


Agent Name: Fernando LopezRossi

Nomadas Experience

Agent Name: Fabricio Criado Iglesias

Oceania Education Solutions (Oceania Consultants Pty Ltd)

Agent Name: Sharad Bhusal

Oolloo Education Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Ana Uribe

Open 4 & Co. T/A Open for Australia

Agent Name: Pedro Munoz

Overseas Education And Career Consultants Pty Ltd (OECC)

Agent Name: Nanda Shukla


Agent Name: Jayapal Reddy Vadlakonda

P R Education Solution Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Rohit Gahlawat

Pathfinder International Education Pvt Ltd

Agent Name: Rajesor Dhital

Pathway Education & Visa Services

Agent Name: Omar Nafiz

PFEC Global

Agent Name: Mohammad Shaiful Islam

Plus One Advisory (Plus One International Pty Ltd)

Agent Name: Danniel Lee

Professional Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Agent Name: Raju Singh

Q-Plus Educational Pvt Ltd

Agent Name: Tanka Prasad Pandey


Agent Name: Dinesh Dhakal

Rich Education & Visa Services Co., Ltd

Agent Name: Chonsarat Buranakrisda

Right & Associates Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Parashu Ram Adhikari

Rightway Education & Services

Agent Name: Duc Quyet Nguyen

Sail Education & Migration Services Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Lizhi Huang

Sanguine Migration Group Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Jatinder Choudhary

Services Links Pty Ltd T/A Migrate

Agent Name: Alejandro Soto



Shivtara Pty Ltd T/A V4U Australia

Agent Name: Satya dev Rao

Smart Access Services Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Bibhusan Joshi

Step Up Profession

Agent Name: Haris Hussain

Study First Group Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Karla Martinez

Study International Pty Ltd.

Agent Name: Swati Sharma

Study n Work Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Carlos de la Pena­

Study Path International Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Astin Yoth


Agent Name: Sandra Suazo

Sydney Business House Pty Ltd (ISAN Education)

Agent Name: Rajani Prajapati

Synergy Holding Group Pty Ltd T/A Vivid Education Consultants

Agent Name: Nahush Mainali

Target Visa Migration Pty Ltd T/A Target Visa Migration and Education Services

Agent Name: Suraj Deswal


Agent Name: Buddhi Dallakoti

The Best Language & Education Centre

Agent Name: VarintornNontatham

The Newstone Group Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Henry Zhong

The Old Man Migration And Education Services

Agent Name: Gustavo Avila

The Trustee for Brilliant Migration Club

Agent Name: Sidra Shahab

The Trustee for Just Australia Legal Trust

Agent Name: Stefano Riva

Tilicho Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Prakash Panthee

Trans Globe Melbourne Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Ravin Parekh

Traveller Online Pty Ltd T/A Pathways to Aus

Agent Name: Brad Lincoln

True Blue Studies Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Jules Ankin

Tycoon International Education

Agent Name: Akares Suktalordcheep

V & L Associates T/A Maven Consulting Group

Agent Name: Laxmi Kayestha Twanabasu

Vamc Australia Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Yasmin Anwar

Venus International Consultancy Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Bikram Chaudhary

VETA Education Consultancy

Agent Name: Miguel Ángel Vesga

Vicpak Consultancy Services

Agent Name: Muhammad Rafique Shaker

Victory Education Consultancy (The Trustee for Oktavianus Tsai Family Trust)

Agent Name: Serna Jarny

Visa Application Australia

Agent Name: Lesley Rogan

Visa Explore Migration and Education Services

Agent Name: Harjeet Singh

Vivennes Management Services – F.Z.E


VXL Migration and Education Consultants Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Bharat Timilsina

Wales Overseas Consultant

Agent Name: Parminder Singh

Welhan Abroad Study Private Limited

Agent Name: Bishal Pudasaini

Western Global Migration & Education Services

Agent Name: Praveen Dhull

WINSUN Education and Migration Services Pty Ltd

Agent Name: Maggie Meng

XCEL Global Services (Supra Group Pty Ltd)


Yes Corporate Group Pty Ltd T/a Yes Education Group

Agent Name: Joni Thjin

York International Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Agent Name: Mahendra Maharjan

Zodiac Migration & Career Consultants

Agent Name: Davinder Sapra

ZTA Education Consultants

Agent Name: Tauqeer Haider Chaudhary