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VIT Open Learning - Learn as you go

VIT open learning supports the Australian Department of Education’s Micro-credentials Framework.

VIT’s founding philosophy is that quality education should be affordable and accessible.

For an annual registration fee of only $99 VIT is giving you access to all its Master of Business Administration (MBA) core units on-line lectures.

We are proud of our contribution to closing the education equity gap by creating this open-door policy.

You will gain a real understanding of what it’s like to study for a Master of Business Administration (MBA), as well as providing you with a steppingstone towards your career aspirations and personal self-development.

VIT’s Open Learn as You Go (LAYG) Pathway Programs to Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s degree provides you with two options:

Access to all MBA lectures and materials for an annual registration fee of $99

  • Is Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or MBA the right choice for you?
  • Haven’t studied for a long time?
  • Keen to learn, but don’t want an education debt?
  • Keen to learn and don’t need a formal qualification?

Choosing this option will allow you to study the non-award MBA course by giving you access to 50 plus well-designed and structured modules across a broad range of business units. As you complete each unit you will gain a greater understanding of the subject matter that makes up an MBA degree accredited by Australia’s higher education regulator Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

You are free to study at your own pace and choose the units that you are most interested in or select those units from the full array of online lectures that will be most useful to fill gaps in your knowledge.

Each unit consists of between six and eight modules, that should be completed in sequential order if you’re planning to seek an award/credit subject to eligibility criteria. Once you have completed all the modules for each unit, you can continue to the next unit.

Are you ready to choose this option? Click here to register MBA annual registration fee of $99.

Non-Award Certificate:  Certificate of Accomplishment

A Certificate of Accomplishment recognises your efforts toward continuing professional development and verifies that you have completed a non-award micro-credential. You can apply for a Certificate of Accomplishment after completing each module within a unit for a small administrative cost of $25 per certificate.

VIT’s proprietary learning management system can issue a Certificate of Accomplishment on completion of each unit.

Click on a module, register and get started!

Learn as You Go (LAYG) Pathway Programs Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s degree

Self-paced, choose your modules

VIT’s Pathway Programs to Master’s (PPM) are short, professional and academic micro-credentials. PPM are designed to provide learners with the opportunity for professional development to refresh, upskill or reskill in specific subject areas and thereby enhance existing careers and improve future career opportunities.

VIT’s affordable micro-credentials are delivered through an engaging proprietary digital learning environment. They give students the chance to gain skills-based certificates or they can act as a pathway to a globally recognised Australian Master’s degree.

How it works

Engaged Learning

Complete a self-paced, well-designed and engaging online PPB and PPM module to develop skills and knowledge within a specific area.

Professional Non-award Certificate

Pass a self-assessment module to receive a professional non-award certificate.

Stack Modules

Combine multiple VIT modules and undertake a proctored assessment to gain a credit towards a Bachelor or Master’s unit. Refer to eligibility criteria for accredited programs.


Use your modules as a pathway to an accredited Bachelor or Master’s at VIT. Refer to eligibility criteria for accredited programs.

Pathway Program to Bachelor’s (PPB) and Pathway Program to Master’s (PPM) Modules

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Apply for an Award (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or MBA)

To secure an award certification for a unit, students must

  • Meet the admission eligibility requirements for the course and pay the $750 per unit fee.

Click Here For VIT’s admission eligibility requirements.

Do not meet MBA course eligibility requirements?

If you do not have a recognised degree, but do have at least five years’ relevant experience, you may be admitted into the MBA course via completion of VIT’s Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (GCBA). The GCBA consists of the four core units from the MBA.

To register please complete the  online application form.

More information about the application process for domestic students can be found here.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Prior learning in non-award units and work experience may be credited to award course subject to eligibility.

For more information regarding VIT’s RPL / CT policies and procedures please click:

Policies, Procedures and Forms | VIT


Non-Award Course:

  • A non-award course is a type of educational program that does not result in the award of a certificate, diploma, or degree upon successful completion. These courses are typically offered by universities, colleges, institutes, technical schools and professional organizations and may be taken for personal interest or professional development.
  • Examples of non-award courses include continuing education classes, workshops, and short-term training programs. These courses may be credited towards a full award course subject to eligibility.

Non-Award Certificate:

  • A non-award certificate is a document that certifies that an individual has successfully completed a specific course or program of study that does not lead to an award such as a diploma or degree. Unlike an award certificate, a non-award certificate does not necessarily indicate that the student has completed a certain level of education or met certain academic requirements.
  • Instead, it certifies that the individual has gained knowledge and skills in a specific subject or field. Non-award certificates are often offered in professional development or continuing education contexts and can be used for career advancement or to fulfill specific job requirements.

Award Course:

  • An award course is a type of educational program that results in the award of a certificate, diploma, or degree upon successful completion. These programs are accredited by the regulators and/or approved Government agencies and are typically offered by universities, colleges, and technical schools, and can be designed to prepare students for a specific career or profession.
  • Examples of award courses include diploma’s, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees.

Award Certification:

  • An award certification is a type of credential that is earned by completing a specific course of study or program and meeting certain academic requirements. These certifications are often offered by universities, colleges, institutes and technical schools and can be used to demonstrate a level of knowledge, skill, or expertise in a particular field.
  • Examples of award certifications include academic degrees, such as diploma’s, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees