Student Testimonials

Rahul Das Kathbaniya (Diploma of IT Networking, Graduate 2022 – Adelaide Campus)

I’m struggling to find the right words to describe the extraordinary effort being put into the online classes by you and I am very thankful for that. 


Let me start from first, when I started my journey in Diploma of Information Technology Networking course, I used to feel difficult while completing my assignments and finding some of the material to be difficult to understand while learning. However, the way you interacted with students, making the material so interesting, and explaining everything was simply outstanding. Your expertise in teaching has put my mind at ease. Taking all the students together, is not easy. But perfection has always been your habit and that is what makes you the best teacher. I will always going to remember you and i really appreciate you for your sincere offer, “Please let me know how I may be helpful for you Rahul,” you use to give me the impression that you are truly there for me. Additionally, I feel like a collaborator in my learning process when you exhibit pleasure of working with me to co-learn rather than teaching me.


I had a good  time with you  in general, and I’m proud to tell you  that I am a student of Sharif Bin Jahed while studying in VIT. Overall, I really had a good experience with the VIT College Support as well and I am very glad that I join this college for my Diploma degree and looking to join my further study as well.

Anisha Bhandari (BITS, Graduate 2022 – Melbourne Campus)

Initially, I wasn’t sure if it was a good opportunity compared to an internal project, but I’m glad I went with the internship because I had a wonderful experience. I was able to expand my knowledge, acquire useful work experience, and develop my professional relationship. Additionally, this internship enabled me to solidify my professional objectives and given me a greater grasp of the field I intend to work in after graduation.


The internship I was given by VIT was a fantastic opportunity for me to grow professionally. Anyone looking for a stimulating and worthwhile experience, this is your call, VIT won’t let you down .

Shenali Jayasekara (BITS, Graduate 2022 – Melbourne Campus)

I went through an internship in the VIT Melbourne campus. It was my first internship placement and where I worked on interesting projects and met great people. This was a new and exciting opportunity for me to test my knowledge and skills in real life and having the opportunity to offer colleagues my ideas and to implement project tasks. By selecting me for this internship, it showed confidence my abilities, and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity. During the internship, I gained useful, practical knowledge and skills, became more diligent and responsible over the last two semesters.  I am sure that all the knowledge and skills gained of this internship have provided invaluable experience and will certainly help me in the future career.


I would like to note that the VIT Intern team is responsive and friendly. In addition, I am thankful for giving me this opportunity for Dr. Vo, Robert Walker, as well as I would like to express special gratitude to our team coordinator of the Dr. Sarath Rangarajan, for the invaluable support and guidance to succeed this project.


Thank you for the VIT internship team!

Ayesha Rizwan (BITS, Graduate 2022 – Sydney Campus)

I am a student enrolled into the BITS program at VIT majoring in App improvement. I undertook an internship in my final year through VIT, and it proved to be an exquisite growth opportunity for me and my peers. During this internship, we were introduced to the industry and gained valuable experience while developing our client’s product. Communication skills, requirements handling, prototyping, product development, version control, team co-ordination are a few of the skills I attained, additionally it enabled us to develop new capabilities which would prove incredibly beneficial to my career.  


I thank VIT for providing me with this opportunity and our supervisors that guided us through this.

Jingzhao Li (Diploma of Information Technology, Graduate 2022 – Melbourne Campus)

Thank you your help during this course. I really appreciate the time during my course. since I finsih, I would like to share my feedback to you as following. 


First of all, I would like to say Sharif is one of the greatest and knowledgeable teacher I ever have. He is with students all the time and solve our problems during the course.   


When I started this course, I didn’t know too much about IT industry. He provided me substantial help after he knew my concerns. For example, he explained me fundamentals of IT such as terminologies and technical jargons in detail patiently during tutorial sessions.   


He is a skillful teacher and teaching strategies are impressive. He will prepare reading materials for us to familiar topics in units. He will explain the topics from his point of view and experiences instead of just read them aloud in class. He will also demonstrate the topics via stimulated environments to strengthen our understanding. This is important because practical work can help students understand theories well in IT. For example, when we learned network configuration, he showed us different ways to work it out and explained these methods step by step. It helps us to understand how it works, especially to the students who has little or zero background in IT courses. on the other hand, I like the way he answers our questions in class. He doesn’t give the answer straight away. He guides us via hints and explanations which will lead us to the right track to solve the problems.   


Apart from skills and knowledge, He is also a responsible teacher. He checks our learning progress at the end of each unit and answers inquiries from students. All he did is to ensure we understand all topics in the unit and be ready to move to next unit without confusions.   


 I have learnt a lot and happy to study with you in VIT and I will wish you all the best. Again, I would really like to say thank you so much. Cheers. 

Elizabeth Pardede (Diploma of IT, Graduate 2022)

I would like to take a moment to thank you, Mr. Sharif, for an incredibly insightful and informative lecture. Your passion for the subject matter was evident, and it made the lecture more engaging. 


I especially appreciated how you took the time to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for me to understand the material. Your use of real-world examples also helped to solidify my understanding of the topics covered.   


Furthermore, I found the pace of the lecture to be just right. It was neither too fast nor too slow, and I felt that I was able to keep up with the material without feeling overwhelmed.   


Overall, I thought your lecture was outstanding, thank you once again for your dedication to teaching and for sharing your knowledge with me.   

Kavya Madam (MITS, Graduate 2022 – Melbourne Campus)

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity you provided me to attend the Programmable conference held on March 28, 2023. It was an incredible experience that has helped me gain a lot of knowledge and insights into my field of study. 


I would like to thank you for the support and encouragement you have given me throughout my academic journey. Your unwavering commitment to our education is truly inspiring, and I am grateful for everything you do to help us succeed.   


I am attaching my pass for attendance at the conference for your records. Once again, thank you so much for the opportunity to attend this conference, and I hope to continue to make the most of the resources and support available at VIT.