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The English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) is structured for students intending to enter diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs.

The EAP program is conducted over 10 weeks, comprising of 20 hours per week. Lessons are from Monday to Friday of 4 hours each day and a total of 20 hours face-to-face per week.

The focus of the EAP course is on the language skills students will need to undertake academic studies at vocational and tertiary level in Australia. The course will also prepare students for the cultural differences they may encounter both socially and academically on campus. Such areas would include expectations of professors, developing autonomous learning skills, working in groups, adjusting to study and campus life. The EAP course seeks to create an environment whereby the student becomes self-determined and is able to learn using strategies most suitable to him/her. Using this learner-centered method, the student becomes confident in approaching the demands and stresses associated with academic life.

Briefly, the aims of the EAP course are:

  • To enable students to become familiar with, and to practice applying, English medium academic conventions
  • To teach students to critically consider texts, discourses and issues by analysing the purposes behind the texts
  • To provide Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking skills particularly suitable for academic environments
  • To enhance students’ abilities to be independent learners and to utilize the World Wide Web for academic research
  • To facilitate a process for students so that they recognize and appreciate cultural viewpoints that may be different than their own
  • To make a smooth as possible transition from studying in the students’ own countries and languages to studying in English Language Courses (ELICOS)


Course Information


CRICOS Code : 098300M
Duration : 10 Weeks (20 hours per week) Subject to meeting criteria and availability
Delivery Locations :
  • Melbourne Campus: Level 14, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC
  • Sydney Campus: Level 5, 333 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW

Domestic Students

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International Students

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Passing the EAP course at VIT will articulate to undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses at VIT or any university that has articulation arrangements with VIT.