Scholarship Program

VIT aims to ensure that Australians from lower socio-economic status backgrounds, who have the ability to study at VIT, get the opportunity to do so, through our Scholarships program. We invite eligible prospective VIT students to apply for this opportunity directly with VIT. Equity Scholarships are available for new students enrolling in the eligible courses detailed below.

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Eligible Course
  • Bachelor of Technology and Systems (BITS)
  • Master of Technology and Systems (MITS)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Eligibility / Selection Criteria
  • Applicants must:
    • Be an Australian citizen,
    • Meet all course entry requirements,
    • Qualify for FEE-HELP,
    • Be a commencing student studying full-time in BITS, MITS and MBA programs. You must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
      • Be from a low-income background;
      • Be experiencing financial hardship;
      • Be in financial need; or
      • Be at a social disadvantage.
    • We also take personal hardship into consideration when assessing applications, including:
      • Personal medical conditions
      • Disabilities
      • Dependants with special needs
Categories of EQUITY Scholarship
  • There are four categories of VIT Equity Scholarship:
    • Difficult Circumstances;
    • Regional and Remote;
    • Disability or Long-Term Medical;
    • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
How to apply
Difficult Circumstances Equity Scholarship
  • In addition to the Equity Scholarship Application Form – HE, your application must include a completed Confidential Statement of Support Form – HE. This is an external link downloaded from our website. The form must be completed by yourself and a relevant responsible person, unrelated to you, who can verify your circumstance/s. A responsible person can be a:
    • Doctor or health care professional;
    • Lawyer;
    • Social worker;
    • Registered counsellor;
    • Religious or community leader;
    • Senior University academic;
    • School principal/teacher/senior member of the school staff.
Regional and Remote Areas Equity Scholarship This category applies if you live or have lived in either Outer Regional (RA3), Remote (RA4) and Very Remote (RA5) regions of Victoria, as determined by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Areas Locator
Disability or Long-Term Medical Condition
  • You must provide the following with your Equity Scholarship Application Form – HE:
    • A written impact statement describing your disability or medical condition and demonstrating the effect on your educational performance. This statement provides the person assessing your application with the information they need to understand the effect of the disadvantage. There is no set form for this statement.
    • You must also submit a Confidential Statement of Support Form – HE. This is an external link completed by a relevant health care professional (unrelated to you) who is currently treating you and can verify your circumstance/s.
Number and Value of Scholarships
  • There are a total of up to 38 VIT Scholarships across the EQUITY and ACADEMIC streams:
    • Women in Information Technology Scholarship – 1 x Full tuition fees (awarded for full-term of study)
    • 1 x Full tuition fees (for the full term of study)
    • 2 x 50% tuition fees (for the full term of study)
    • 4 x 25% tuition fees (for the full term of study)
    • 30 x $3000 one-off bursary amount (payable after successful completion of a student’s 1st semester of full-time studies only)
    • 75% tuition fee reduction for all eligible Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.
      An internal committee will determine the distribution of scholarships between the equity and academic streams.
VIT BITS, MITS, and MBA EQUITY Scholarship Conditions
  • As a recipient of the scholarship, you must:
    • Continue studies at VIT in all semesters, in line with the individual periods of the awarded scholarship.
    • Maintain a full-time study load (comprising at least four units)
    • Maintain satisfactory Credit academic performance average across all units, or any other specific academic performance standards required for the course.
    • Seek your own independent advice from the relevant authorities on the effect, if any, that the Scholarship is likely to have on your eligibility for Government benefits or any taxation implications.
  • Payments will be made in two instalments for all years the scholarship is awarded and conditions are met.
  • If you fail to maintain the conditions as outlined in Item 1, without any exceptional circumstances, you may forfeit the scholarship.
  • Scholarships do not apply to the ‘Cross-Institutional Study’ undertaken at another institution.
  • The scholarship cannot be deferred.
  • Successful students have five (5) working days to accept a scholarship.
  • Students who take leave of absence (LOA) from their course will forfeit the scholarship and will not normally be eligible to apply for the scholarship when they recommence study. In exceptional circumstances, VIT may approve the continuation of the scholarship on returnfrom a period of LOA.
  • Students are not permitted to apply for this scholarship through an education agent
  • All scholarships are approved at VIT’s discretion and all decisions are final.