Quality education that extends beyond the classroom.

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Beyond Quality Education (Why VIT)

VIT offers students a range of FREE support programs.


The courses you’ll find at VIT are flexible, to learn when and where you want.


Our multicultural students and team make VIT a diverse and stimulating place to study.


Innovative courses with high quality lectures, incorporating industry-relevant skills.


Practical courses designed to help you master skills that you can start applying to your career.

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What our students say about us

What our students say about us

Great inspiration by our Chairman and CEO of VIT

Lekhnath Sapkota (BITS Graduate 2017)

Study environment @ VIT is best

Anjali Devi (BITS Graduate 2017)

Graduation Ceremony the best and I enjoyed thoroughly

Sahil Sharma (BITS Graduate 2017)

Very supportive lecturers, best staff and organising commitees

Dhanuka Nilanjana (BITS Graduate 2017)

Everyone Friendly and Helpful @ VIT

Keshav Shrestha (BITS Graduate 2017)

Enjoyed the education journey and Good teaching staff

Pardeep Singh Dhillon (BITS Graduate 2017)

Best education and Graduation Ceremony

Nabin Pun (BITS Graduate 2017)


Climate Alliance

Life at VIT

There is more to studying than burying your head in textbooks and lectures. At VIT, we provide you with the opportunity to get involved in the many activities available at the Institution, make new friends, engage with your programs and interact with your lecturers