Embark on Your Journey Orientation Unveiled

Where possibilities unfold, and horizons beckon, as orientation unveils the gateway to your limitless potential.

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Education Images

Empowering Your Entry: Orientation - Where Dreams Take Flight

Embark on a transformative journey as you step into the world of possibilities that our orientation program unfolds. "Empowering Your Entry: Orientation - Where Dreams Take Flight" encapsulates the essence of our comprehensive induction process. Designed to nurture your aspirations and equip you for success, this dynamic orientation experience is your passport to a thriving academic adventure. Unveil the map to campus life, connect with peers and mentors, and navigate the array of resources available to you. As you spread your wings during this pivotal phase, you'll discover that orientation is not just a beginning, but a pivotal moment where your dreams find their wings and take flight towards a future of limitless opportunities.

Arrival in Australia: Embrace the Land of Opportunities

Stepping onto Australian soil marks the commencement of an extraordinary journey filled with boundless opportunities. "Arrival in Australia: Embrace the Land of Opportunities" encapsulates the spirit of this transformative moment. As you set foot in this diverse and vibrant nation, you open the door to a world where education, innovation, and cultural exploration converge. Australia's rich landscapes, dynamic cities, and welcoming communities invite you to embark on a path of growth and discovery. To augment your academic pursuits and realize your personal aspirations, Australia's embrace promises an enriching experience where your dreams can take root and flourish. This is your invitation to immerse yourself in a land that nurtures potential, fosters growth, and offers a multitude of avenues to explore, learn, and succeed.

Airport Transport

The first thing you should arrange after arriving in Australia is transport from the airport to your accommodation. This can be prepared pre-departure or arranged after you’ve arrived at the airport. Below are a range of available airport transport options:
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Taxis are a no-fuss way of getting to your accommodation. You can usually book one at a service kiosk available at the airport, or pre-book one online. If you’re bringing with you a large amount of baggage, remember to add that information when booking, so that the taxi service can provide you with a vehicle to accommodate your needs. Although taxis are easily accessible and convenient, they fall on the expensive side of airport transport.

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Airport Buses and Trains

When heading to and from the airport in Melbourne, you have the option of either Skybus or public transport buses. Remember, public transport buses require a myki pass, while you can easily book a Skybus ticket online or at the airport. For Sydney, trains offer a more convenient airport travel option than buses, running every 10 minutes. Don't have an opal card? No worries – you can buy one at the train station or pay using Amex, Visa, or Mastercard. Explore seamless airport transportation with ease. In Adelaide there are dedicated buses that go from the Airport to the CBD, and to travel to Geelong you can transfer via Skybus from the International Airport to Melbourne's Southern Cross Railway Station to catch a train to Geelong City

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Shuttle Buses and Limousines

There are a number of independent shuttle buses and limousines available at the airport. They’re a cost-effective way of getting to your destination. You can access them online and pre-book them in preparation for your arrival, or book them at the kiosks available at the airport.

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Uber is a new, cost-effective and convenient way to get to your destination without much hassle. However, you’ll need a stable internet connection, an Uber account and a credit or debit card that can take Australian online transactions to be able to use their services, which may not be accessible to an International student who has just arrived in Australia.

Let’s get familiar with VIT

Orientation is you first opportunity to get familiar with VIT. It will give you a chance to get prepared for your journey at VIT:

What can you expect from Orientation

You will be given a full tour of the campus in addition to familiarizing you with VIT students’ facilities and support. You will be introduced to your faculty staff team who will help you with any inquiries throughout your course. You also will be receiving your timetable, useful information about your course, the location/locations of your classes and academic requirements for your units. You will also be receiving information about the course payment plan, the policies related to the payment and VIT policies and procedures.

Orientation Week: All you need to know

Get ready to thrive during Orientation Week (O-Week) at Victorian Institute of Technology Australia. This immersive experience introduces you to our institution's heart and soul, ensuring a smooth transition into your academic journey. Engage in interactive sessions, workshops, and activities that equip you with essential tools for success. Dive into your program's curriculum, explore resources, and connect with dedicated faculty. Beyond academics, forge connections, explore campus facilities, and embrace a sense of belonging. Our support extends from navigating timetables to embracing modern facilities. O-Week sets the foundation for a thriving academic journey in every aspect.
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Next Intake date is drawing near – make sure to apply now so you can start your studies in 2023/2024.

Orientation's Path to Success

Orientation's Path to Success guides you through the transformative journey of beginning your educational adventure. With a carefully curated blend of informative sessions, engaging activities, and opportunities to connect with peers and mentors, this path equips you with essential knowledge and skills. As you navigate through program insights, campus exploration, and social interactions, you lay the foundation for a successful academic experience. Orientation's Path to Success empowers you to embrace challenges, harness opportunities, and embark on a trajectory towards achieving your goals with confidence and enthusiasm.
Engaging Welcome and Introductions
Orientation Day at Victorian Institute of Technology Australia is a vibrant and welcoming event where new students are greeted with enthusiasm and warmth. You'll have the chance to connect with fellow students, faculty members, and staff, fostering a sense of belonging right from the start. Engaging introductions and ice-breaking activities create a friendly atmosphere that encourages interactions and sets the stage for meaningful connections.
Campus Exploration and Resources
Discover the campus like never before during Orientation Day. Guided tours will take you through our state-of-the-art facilities, classrooms, libraries, and student hubs. You'll gain insights into the array of resources at your fingertips, from advanced technology labs to comprehensive academic support services. This firsthand exploration empowers you to navigate the campus confidently and make the most of your academic journey.
Information Sessions and Academic Insights
Get a head start on your studies with informative sessions led by experienced faculty members. Learn about your program's curriculum, course expectations, assessment methods, and academic resources. Our dedicated team will provide insights into study strategies, time management, and extracurricular opportunities, ensuring you're well-prepared for your academic pursuits. Orientation Day equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to embark on a successful and fulfilling educational experience at VIT Australia.


VIT will send you a link to complete the online orientation form before you attend the orientation. We highly recommend you complete the online orientation to save you a lot of time and avoid delays on the day of the orientation. Also, if you have any question that you would like to discuss with our team, please feel free to bring it with you. You need to complete the online orientation form before your orientation day – the link will be sent to your email address.
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Orientation Day

All students need to physically attend the orientation day which is a mandatory requirement. If you have an issue with attending the orientation you need to inform us by emailing to the relevant student support based on your degree. Email addresses are detailed below: For Higher Education Students please email: [email protected] For Vocational Education and Training please email: [email protected] Please note that failing to attend your orientation may lead to cancellation of your CoE. You are required to bring all necessary documents on the day of your Orientation which we will advise you about via email.
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Have any questions?

We're here to help! For personalized guidance and support at VIT, feel free to reach out via phone, email, or visit our campus in personYour success journey begins with the right information!
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