Internships and Placements

Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) has strong partnerships and industry engagement with local and regional industry in Australia with its Industry Engagement Committee being Chaired by the Hon. David Bartlett, a former Premier of Tasmania.

These strong industry partnerships and linkages provide outstanding opportunities for VIT students to explore their employability skills with access to a real-world Australian industry profile through:

  • Structured internships
  • Capstone industry-driven student projects
  • Industry-based learning placement programs
  • In-house industry project programs.

Generally, students who have participated in the VIT internship and/or placement program in previous years, have had a very positive experience in their learning journey and have performed extremely well in their academic endeavours.

Hosting a VIT intern at your organisation is cost-effective way to identify talent. Your intern may become your future employee!


  • A motivated student can bring the latest theories, techniques and ideas to your organisation.
  • With a fresh approach interns can enhance current IT processes and improve unseen processes.
  • Reducing employee workload while increasing efficiency
  • Existing teams can develop leadership skills by managing their interns and delegation of tasks.
  • A great opportunity for the employer to assess interns for ongoing employment in their organization.
  • A reduced or zero cost contribution.


  • Design of compliance management system
  • Software and technology connectivity rollout
  • Cloud computing and data backup systems
  • Develop student logbooks
  • Examining the feasibility of developing a handsfree time attendance system
  • Developing a smart monitoring system
  • Develop and app to assist people with the use of technology as a result of impairments with vision, hearing or mobility
  • Develop application to track thermal fluctuations in large cool rooms
  • Develop app to record data and images via Drones, to assist with monitoring vegetation growth, conservation, water management and stock movement.

Internship Student Feedback

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Student Placement Coordinator

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