You have proved yourself as an IT professional, great. So why should you do an MBA now?

1. Career advancement

Your Bachelor’s degree and smarts got you in the door, but once you have a few years under your belt to progress further you need the tools of management and leadership!

An MBA assists to develop your leadership skills and helps prepare you for that next leap in your career.

2. Potential salary jump

Many people use an MBA to transition into more senior roles and with that, usually comes a salary jump. Australia in fact has the fifth highest average MBA graduate salaries at $141k, according to QS World University Rankings, Global MBA Rankings 2019.

3. Networking

Most people think it’s what you know that is the most important thing in your career. That is true to a certain extent, but a network helps with ideas, lets you know of opportunities and helps you understand different perspectives.

In addition, research published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis found that workers who landed jobs through networking earned on average 6% more than those who found jobs through direct contact with employers. 6% may not sound a lot, but imagine you were looking at a job paying $140k, that’s perhaps another $8,400 in your pocket. What would you do with that extra loose change in your pocket?

MBA students are from very different industries and so classmates give one a broad network.

4. Increase your brand value

We all have a brand value, it is how people perceive us professionally by capabilities and qualifications.

Companies respect people who have put in the effort to get an MBA, as it’s a “signaling tool” to the market of how serious you are about your career. This might be why 87% of companies in Asia Pacific seek job candidates with an MBA degree and 59% of Fortune 100 CEO’s have an MBA.

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