In what could be an Australia first, the Victorian Institute of Technology has introduced a Start Your MBA For Free initiative for any indigenous people and for women of any background.

We recognize that historically there have been many potential obstacles to starting an MBA and at VIT we are committed to helping the next generation of leaders to overcome them.

We have a responsibility to not just teach and discuss values but practice them too.

Organisations need to be making more efforts to support the development of our indigenous leaders. Figures demonstrate that for too long women have been underrepresented on Australia boards and we must make more efforts to improve this.

VIT already has the Equity Scholarship for those in need, but we feel that we need to take things a step further and make it easier to start the study journey. Scholarships are different…they are formal, you commit to undertake assessments, you can fail subjects, you can have a scholarship withdrawn due to poor performance.  The Start Your MBA For Free initiative reflects that there are many people who are uncertain and unsure whether they can fit study into their life. Or perhaps they think they might be unsuited for a course, when instead after a few classes they’ll realise their leadership potential and that yes they are suited and capable of completing the course.

Students will have the opportunity to sit in on 1 unit, our Sustainable Marketing class, for free with no obligations beyond that. This way there are no financial obligations or assessments and someone can just soak up knowledge. Of course you can always decide midway to undertake assessments, for a minor assessments fee, if you would like to give yourself the option of getting credit for the unit.

The Start Your MBA For Free initiative is designed not only to increase access for Australia’s indigenous people and women, but bring about better decision making in our country. For example, in the boardroom diversity – of thought, of background – can lead to better decisions and outcomes. Unfortunately at the moment, this is an area Australia is falling behind.

VIT will set aside 5 places in each MBA intake for the Start your MBA For Free initiative. The next intake is October 2021. Work experience may substitute for undergraduate study. Email [email protected] for more info.

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