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IELTS Preparation (Academic)

Prepare for IELTS Academic with expert guidance and tailored training. Gain confidence for academic success and achieve your desired scores. Start your journey to international opportunities with VIT's IELTS Preparation (Academic) program.


Explore the Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (BITS) at VIT for comprehensive training in computer networking, application development, and software. With a focus on industry relevance, the program equips graduates with hands-on experience, preparing them for certifications and diverse IT roles. Join VIT for a dynamic IT career journey.

Bachelor of IT (BITS - Analytics & Intelligent Systems Specialisation)

Welcome to the transformative Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (BITS) course, specializing in Analytics & Intelligent Systems! Dive into Data Science, unravel the power of AI, master Software Tools for Analytics, and explore the realms of Machine Learning. Beyond the basics, embrace Cloud Computing, Big Data Processing, and project management skills. Your journey to IT excellence begins now—join us in shaping the future of technology!

Bachelor of IT (BITS - Application Development Specialisation)

Explore the Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (BITS) course, specializing in Application Development! Gain expertise in crafting cutting-edge web and windows applications, mastering Java programming, and developing leadership skills for successful IT project management. Join us to unlock your potential as a versatile application developer. Apply now for a transformative educational journey into the dynamic world of IT and application development.

Bachelor of IT (BITS - Cyber security Specialisation)

Embark on a cybersecurity journey with our cutting-edge Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (BITS) program. Specialize in Cyber Security, gaining expertise in risk assessment, network security, and threat management. Leverage industry frameworks and hands-on tools to fortify digital landscapes. Join us to shape a secure digital future!

Bachelor of IT (BITS - Networking Specialisation)

Embark on a dynamic IT journey with our Networking specialization in the Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (BITS) course. Gain hands-on expertise in server environments, network infrastructure design, security measures, virtualization, and wireless technologies. Shape your IT future with us - innovation begins here.

CPC30220 – Certificate III in Carpentry

Our hands-on Certificate III in Carpentry program equips you with essential skills to construct, install, and repair structures. Learn from experts and become a qualified carpenter, ready to create architectural wonders with precision and craftsmanship.

English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP)

The English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) is a specialized and intensive language course designed to equip non-native English speakers with the necessary language skills to succeed in academic settings.

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